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Think of us as a rising class of Local business; as a trusted business partner on whom you can reply for your success. Our role is to ensure that your business is potentially profitable through our local business citation building service. Backed with a comprehensive database, our company put the marketing & sales professionals in place to connect, engage, & identify the qualified prospects. In a nutshell, we are certified internet business experts ready to deliver local citation service.

We are a full service for the advertisement & marketing of small businesses & our consulting term; take your ideas philosophy, slogans, & photos to turn them into professional ones & use for branding. Our local business citation building service increases the credibility and the chances of your survival as a businessman.

So, if you are looking for local business directory submission, USA contact us to get your business exposed at a large platform.  Our specialized SEO (Search engine optimization) teams will support your business through local business citation building service throughout the USA. We offer;

·         Indexing/Boosting on all live links

·         No yearly contracts

·         Immediate tasks follow up

·         Free consultancy over call


Call us today for our local citation services & book an appointment to get the opportunity to get online ranking and marketing cause incredible profit & boost in business. We look forward to working with you.

Who Are We

We built BrightLocalCitation to help every marketer working with a local business do their job better. Our tools and services have already helped over 80,000 local marketers deliver success for their brands and clients, and we’re just getting started.

Our Mission

Our mission to growing your business in worldwide 

What We Do

We Do the Manual Work to Get Your Online Business/Brand Listed On These Local Directories

Our History

We started with two people, one shared dream, and a lot of coffee. We’ve since grown to over 150 people across four countries!

Our 6-D Process

Local Citation Audit

Citation audit is a careful analysis of top directory sites for an inventory of business existing citations. After which, a business must fix inconsistencies, remove duplicates and ultimately claim their listings. Citation audit is also used in completing incomplete citations (like profiles, photos, and more.) on these directories.

Find In-consistent NAP

NAP simply means your Business Name, Address, and Phone Number in that e-order. As you already know, NAP is a crucial ranking factor when it comes to local SEO for your business . This is because it directly affects local intent searches on Google and other search engines. Occurrences of NAP data around the web are called citations.

Competitors Citation

When we talk about analyzing competitors citation, we mean studying your competitor’s citation on top business directories to understand their strategies and what you need to beat them and rank higher than them to generate more sales. We understand that every niche has competitors  regardless of how long you have been in business. Beating your competitor when it comes to Local SEO, ranking is very important. It can also rapidly increase your business sales by a significant rate.

Prepare Citation List

You know by now that if your business has a physical store, it would be of great benefits to build your local SEO ranking. The problem that has been noticed with many local business owners, Is that they misunderstand simple things before  listing their businesses on the local SEO. One of the most common misunderstanding is building QUANTITY listings instead of QUALITY citations. According to a recent survey conducted by Bright Local Survey, the quality of citations is the most important factor when Local SEO comes into play. This means that you would  rather focus on getting references from authority business directories that are related to your niche than numerous random listings that are not related to our niche. This is the basis of building the foundation for long-term Local SEO rankings.

Rich Media Citation

Even the most successful brands know that focusing on boosting their local search engine ranking has become the best way to get more customers. Local SEO is where the main action occurs, which is why it is vital for any brand to target their marketing efforts on the local scene. According to a recent survey conducted by Bright Local, 62% of customers said richness of citation matters a lot in business. This means that your business citations does not only need to be on the top directories, Which in fact matters the most for your Niche but, On these sites your citations need to have rich media too.

White Label Report

Your local search engine optimization ranking totally depends on many factors. One of which is the amount of information you know and monitor about your site (in local search engines). Your information here actually means your business name, address and phone (checking for inconsistency) and a number of citations your site has on the top directories that are highly related to your business niche. In other words, a white label report is an SEO report that is professionally detailed to show report about all information about your business rankings on local search listings. This information is usually prepared with an online tool.

Why Choose Us?

Submissions to 15-350 High PR local directories,
top authority directories in EVERY plan

Please get in touch and our expert support team will answer all your questions.

We have 75 agents and 20 managers in our Citation submission team. The team are dedicated to delivering high-quality citation campaigns each month. These superstar citation agents and managers complete over 2,000 campaigns, delivering over 72,000 submissions for our customers every month.

local citation serviceEach package contains the TOP & Best local directories to boost your online visibility


local citation serviceWe add logo, video, pictures, social accounts, more


local citation serviceWe always check for an existing listing first before creating new citation to avoid duplicate listings


local citation serviceFully manual submissions & verifiable report


local citation serviceReport with live links for auto approve directories and login for non-auto approve directories


local citation serviceAll citations go thru quality & NAP control


local citation serviceIndexing/Boosting on all live links included


local citation serviceOne time fee, NO monthly subscription and you have total control of the listings


local citation serviceDirectory listings that provide you with traffic, backlinks, trust, PR and SERP boosts


local citation serviceNo Risk 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Back
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